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15 Dec 2019, 5:00


Books for teachers and school leaders 2019

For policy nerds

The Educated Guess

By Warwick Sharp

Publisher: Self-published

The Educated Guess is a gem of a book written from someone at the heart of the Department for Education (Sharp was the former principal private secretary to education secretary Damian Hinds).

The book shines a light into the murky world of cognitive bias and challenges some commonly-held education myths to help people make better decisions education.

For curriculum leaders

Curriculum: Athena versus the machine

By Martin Robinson

Publisher: Crown House

Following on from the success of Trivium, Robinson’s new tome makes the case for curriculum to be rooted in the pursuit of wisdom – and explores how schools can achieve this.

But if wisdom is to win the day, it must slay the data-driven, dehumanising “machine thinking”. A clash of titans worthy of our Marvel cinematic age.

For women in education

10% Braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education

By Vivienne Porritt and Keziah Featherstone

Publisher: Sage Publishing

Boasting chapters from the sector’s best and brightest female leaders, the book is a collective call to arms for all women in education.

Female leaders in education are underrepresented – and that needs to change. What would you do to make a change today if you were 10 per cent braver?

For classroom teachers

Teach Like Nobody’s Watching

By Mark Enser

Publisher: Crown House

Thought-provoking and refreshing, Enser unpicks the hidden complexities of teachers doing the right thing in the classroom for the students in front of them.

He advocates a time-efficient approach to teaching that can reduce workload and increase pupil engagement. The book is suitable for teachers in both primary and secondary.

For new teachers

Making it as a Teacher

By Victoria Hewett

Publisher: Publisher Routledge

The book provides detailed ideas about how to make the job manageable, satisfying and productive. Hewett uses her own story of how she went from the verge of quitting to falling in love with the profession again.

A hopeful and uplifting tome for teaching newbies who feel like they are sinking.

For school leaders

Imperfect leadership

By Steve Munby

Publisher: Crown House

Forget superheads; Munby’s well-received book argues no leader is perfect – and nor should they try to be.

The book, centred around Munby’s annual keynote speeches made while chief executive of the National College of School Leadership, charts the changes in the national education landscape alongside his own leadership journey.

A book for leaders who know they don’t know it all.

For maths teachers

Making every maths lesson count

By Emma McCrea

Publisher: Crown House

Packed full of practical ideas and examples, this book offers concise advice on contemporary maths teaching. Perfect for teachers looking to move beyond the trial and error stage and get their hands-on evidence-informed tips on what works (and what doesn’t).


For academy chiefs

Being the CEO: the six dimensions of organisational leadership

By Michael Pain

Publisher: John Catt

Is there a secret formula to being a successful academy leader? Maybe. Pain explores the six key areas he believes make a good boss, from being able to translate your vision into a narrative and being the chief talent officer.

Perfect for a new leader who wants to avoid the pitfalls and bear traps of leadership.



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