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Inspire your students to explore more with BTEC

Studying a BTEC can help learners apply their study in real-life scenarios

Studying a BTEC can help learners apply their study in real-life scenarios


Vocational education is becoming increasingly more important in the UK as the demand for skills-based knowledge, technical skills and employability skills among employers increases. Career-focused education is also a powerful driver of social mobility that benefits employers, our economy and our communities. The jobs of the future will require uniquely human skills.

Studying a BTEC can help learners apply their study in real-life scenarios, ensuring they are uniquely prepared with a range of entrepreneurial and employability skills. Those skills enable them to flourish in our competitive world of rapid technological change, and to enjoy a career fuelled by passion and purpose.

At this time of the year with options evenings or open days already in the diary, choosing qualifications that suit every learner can be daunting and confusing for students and parents alike. Also, if you’re new to teaching BTEC, you might also be wondering where to access great quality options information. Pearson can help with a newly launched free BTEC Options tool, which helps you showcase the specific BTEC courses you offer.

What’s more, it allows you to focus solely on the BTEC subjects offered by your centre, offering a wealth of customisable information that will help you recruit and retain learners on their journey to success.

Students and parents can access:

  • A tailored online webpage that shows the BTEC courses your centre offers
  • An interactive careers quiz
  • Subject-specific information
  • Employability skills students will develop on the course
  • A range of career options after studying BTEC
  • Stories from BTEC students and employers in all subject areas
  • A unique URL so that they can browse in their own time.

And, if you have specific questions about BTEC or need further help or support for Options 2021 you can also contact Pearson on Twitter at @TeachBTEC with your questions, and they’ll get straight back to you.

Find out more about the new online options tool at btecworks.com

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