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The MIS Contract Conundrum

Schools that refuse ‘legacy lock-in’ and opt for Bromcom’s cloud-MIS reap financial benefits

Schools that refuse ‘legacy lock-in’ and opt for Bromcom’s cloud-MIS reap financial benefits

18 Jan 2024, 9:00


At Bromcom, we believe that having an MIS that places students, staff and data at the core of your operations is pivotal to your school’s success. However, finding yourself connected to a contract that doesn’t align with your needs puts everyone at a disadvantage.

Schools with legacy MIS technology who signed a 3-year agreement from 2022-2025 have recently been invited to renew contracts and enter another 3-year period, with the prospect of increased annual costs if they don’t.

We don’t believe schools should feel pressurised into making a decision that may not be in their best interests. Other options are available.

The future is better with Bromcom: 3 reasons to consider our cloud-MIS & Finance solution

1. A market-leading product:

Bromcom works with thousands of schools and academies throughout the UK, offering a comprehensive MIS and fully integrated Finance solution. For maintained schools, our Finance software is a ‘drop in’ replacement for FMS6, but with enhanced functionality, cloud technology, and a modern and user-friendly interface. Our MAT Finance solution enables financial control, budgeting and trust overviews from one centralised portal.

2. ‘Buy Back’ scheme advantage:

We’ll buy back your current MIS & Finance contract so you can move to Bromcom today. It means you’ll only pay for one MIS even if prices increase this year. However, if you sign a new agreement proposed by your legacy supplier, you may find yourself locked into using an aging product until 2027, with an MIS that may not suit your school’s evolving needs.

3. Save money:

As a family-owned company, all Bromcom profits are reinvested into our products and service, so you can be sure you are getting excellent value for money. Plus, our all-inclusive MIS and Finance solution eliminates the need for additional ‘bolt-ons’; you’ll get a modern cloud-based solution with all the functionality you need, saving you money.

“Ultimately the savings are huge for schools. I did a little cost exercise and Bromcom could potentially save us £25,000 a school. For me, that’s two TAs or nearly a teacher’s salary.”

Karen Done, Business Manager, Nyewood CofE infant School

“Bromcom has revolutionised our school’s operations. With all our data centralised in one place, we have experienced a significant boost in efficiency and productivity. The web-based platform eliminates the need for server maintenance, making it incredibly convenient.”

Danny Park, ICT Manager, Hebburn Comprehensive School

“Bromcom is a revelation – so user friendly and intuitive. Has made tracking and entering student data so much easier and faster to access!”

Helen Palmer, IT Team, Harris Federation
The most fully featured MIS on the market

With Bromcom, everything is under one roof. The MIS features everything from Assessment to Parental engagement, Analytics and Clubs management. And schools can communicate with parents, students and staff at the click of a button with built in SMS messaging, email and push notifications for the Student and Parent Apps.

100% cloud-based.

For schools who have been using legacy systems, one of the benefits of moving to Bromcom is the freedom it offers. You’ll no longer be tied to a desk, as our MIS is accessible from any device with a web browser. Cloud-based MIS are more secure and reliable than local servers, as well as being more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Support your decision making

Demographics and pupil KPIs such as attendance, behaviour and attainment are available at every level. Heads and education leaders can examine a wide variety of metrics with both static figures and general trends, all based on customisable settings such as year to date or this year vs last year. In addition, Bromcom’s unique link to Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) allows schools to create their own custom dashboards and present them within the MIS.

For Multi-Academy Trusts, MAT Vision offers a highly detailed view of your Trust via unique dashboards. Vision automatically collates data from all your sites, producing a secure dataset with everything you need at top level. With a wide array of analytics built-in, users can assess a variety of KPI’s related to Attendance, Behaviour, Exclusions and more.

Now incorporating the power of AI

Bromcom has always been a leader when it comes to innovation, and last year became the first provider to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into its MIS. This technology is helping schools streamline key tasks such as communication, reporting and lesson planning through its connections via Open AI to Chat GPT. This year, new developments are under way which will enable AI to interrogate your school or trust data, to provide insights and inform decision making in ways which were previously unimaginable.

Contact Bromcom today to find out how we can meet the needs of your school, trust or local authority, today and in the future. https://web.bromcom.com/cn/amvww/homepage

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