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The live broadcast designed to get more girls moving

Free to access and open to all students in years 7-11, Studio You is bringing together a panel of barrier-breaking role models from This Girl Can, Nike, and more for a live broadcast event designed to inspire young women everywhere to get active. Join us on the 1st of May.

Free to access and open to all students in years 7-11, Studio You is bringing together a panel of barrier-breaking role models from This Girl Can, Nike, and more for a live broadcast event designed to inspire young women everywhere to get active. Join us on the 1st of May.

21 Mar 2024, 9:07


Despite the progress we’ve made in getting young women moving, the truth is there’s still a big participation and enjoyment gap that holds many girls back from getting active.

In the recent ‘Health barriers for girls and women in sport’ report by the Women and Equalities Committee, the evidence is made clear: girls face challenges to participation in sport that arise from a combination of gender stereotypes, health and wellbeing issues, and inadequate kit, equipment, and facilities. As recently as four years ago, a female football boot didn’t even exist.1

To change the way girls see physical activity and sport, we’re starting with creating a positive experience in schools and through PE. We need to show girls that we hear them and have their backs. By working relentlessly to understand what we’re up against and turn talk into action together, our Studio You live broadcast event offers a collective opportunity to push for progress – in every classroom, in every county, across the country.

With your help, we can.

Help us get every girl, of every background and ability, experiencing the joy of getting active. Join us live on the 1st  of May 2024 where we’ll be taking things to the next level with a free to access, Studio You live broadcast for years 7-11.

Hosted by BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter Swarzy Macaly and featuring a diverse panel of expert voices from This Girl Can, Nike, and more, the event will orchestrate a conversation designed to help girls see exercise, sport, and physical activity differently. And it takes under two minutes to sign up.


Our live panel will be sharing personal stories, insight and advice that’ll help show your students how physical activity and PE can positively impact every aspect of their lives.

Whether you’re a PE teacher, PSHE lead, head of year, or form tutor, our live event will explore topics important for all students to hear. Everyone is welcome!

The broadcast will offer varied benefits for your students:

  • Help your students understand how physical activity and PE can positively impact their mental wellbeing, as well as their overall learning and engagement in school.
  • Show your students that you don’t have to be super sporty to start exercising. You can do it for fun, friendship or to try something new.
  • Recognise the varied experiences of girls when it comes to physical activity and PE and acknowledge that every experience is equally valid.
  • Challenge the misconceptions and barriers that stop girls getting active.

The broadcast event, starting at 11:15 AM (GMT) and running for 30 minutes, will round off with an interactive question and answer session, so students can feel seen and heard.


Register today to sign up you and your students.


At Studio You, we know physical activity is shown to boost confidence, feelings of self-worth, mental wellbeing, and academic performance. Yet over 50% of girls are not getting the Chief Medical Officers’ recommended 60 minutes of it a day.2

We’re on a mission to change the negative PE narratives many young women hold – and show a whole generation of girls that physical activity isn’t something to fear; it’s a great way to connect, de-stress, and have fun.  

For the past three years, we’ve brought the energy and ambition of This Girl Can into classrooms across England through our Studio You hub, packed with 100s of free video-based PE lessons and resources. With the backing of Sport England, we’re campaigning to prove to every girl, of every background and ability, that they deserve to experience the joy of getting active.

But there’s still work to do.

Want to start addressing this issue today with your students? Sign up to Studio You now and get access to 100s of free video lessons, top tips, advice and supporting resources to empower your students to feel good about PE.

Join us on the 1st of May – let’s get girls moving together.

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