• A-level results 2016: Number of universities offering Freephone clearing hotlines rises

    A-level pupils going through clearing this year are less likely to face considerable phone charges after the number of universities using Freephone numbers nearly doubled in 12 months, a Schools Week investigation can reveal. Last summer, Schools Week highlighted the potential high costs for young people needing to ring round universities to secure a place on a course through clearing.

    6.00 Aug. 16th, 2016 | Exam results, News

  • Rio Olympics 2016: Where did the Team GB medal winners go to school?

    Proud teachers and their schools have heaped praise on former pupils who have contributed to a record medal haul for Team GB at this year’s Rio Olympics. Overall, just under 70 per cent of the medal-winning athletes were educated at state-maintained schools. A handful of athletes, including Tom Daley, the diver, were given scholarships to attend independent schools.

    15.22 Aug. 9th, 2016 | News

  • University access gap between state and independent schools widens

    The gap between the proportion of state school pupils going to university and their independent school peers has widened as the apparent impact of an increase in tuition fees bites. Figures released by the Department for Education (DfE) this morning show that in 2013-14, just 62 per cent of state school pupils progressed to a higher education,

    14.46 Aug. 3rd, 2016 | News

  • Talk to pupils about university when they're 10, Ucas tells schools

    Schools should do more to encourage pupils as young as 12 to think about their post-18 choices, the University and College Admissions Service has said, sparking a call for better careers funding. For its latest report, Through the lens of students, Ucas surveyed more than 16,000 recent university applicants about how their perceptions of higher

    0.01 Jul. 21st, 2016 | News

  • Skills shake-up won't stop schools offering A-levels and BTECs

    A planned overhaul of post-16 education won’t stop schools offering A-levels and vocational courses like BTECs together, the author of a government review has said. Lord Sainsbury (above right) has told Schools Week that a shake-up prompted by his inquiry into technical education in England would not prevent schools from offering BTEC and other “applied

    13.55 Jul. 8th, 2016 | News

  • State school pupils will “struggle” to access top universities after government A-level reform

    State schools will “struggle” to get to grips with university admission changes driven by the government’s A-level reforms – pushing them further behind their private school peers, a forum heard today. Some universities have overhauled their admission process after the government’s new linear A-level reforms. Higher education institutions relied on AS-levels to offer places, however

    18.01 Jun. 30th, 2016 | News

  • How we could abandon GCSEs and make 14-19 education work

    Expecting students to take a plethora of exams at 16 makes little sense in a modern context. By stripping back the number of externally-assessed subjects for this age group, we could introduce far greater flexibility into our education system To my mind, many of the reforms to qualifications made in the life cycle of the

    18.00 Jun. 6th, 2015 | Opinion

  • Soft skills can't be taught... but they can be learned

    The current education secretary, Nicky Morgan, has been on a drive recently to promote ‘character education’. Adding the teaching of ‘grit and resilience’ to a teacher’s already growing workload is a big ask but a greater focus on employability and skills beyond the classroom mean that it is no longer enough to simply get every

    6.05 Apr. 26th, 2015 | Opinion

  • Governor's Corner: How we are tackling the A level changes

    Exam reforms have prompted a Northampton school to construct a new extended enrichment curriculum for year 12 students The rushed reform of A-levels in England has presented school leaders and governors with real headaches. At the most basic, these pains are about what courses to offer and what advice to give year 11 students about their

    6.30 Feb. 28th, 2015 | Opinion

  • Why linear A-levels will work best

    Recoupling will snatch what space there is in the post-16 curriculum to teach skills that are no longer examined, giving pupils the space to explore subject areas that they’re interested in As a senior leader and English teacher, the removal of coursework meant an end to the relentless chasing of year 11s for those essays

    7.30 Jan. 17th, 2015 | Opinion

  • Can you leave school when you turn 16?

    Businesses benefit in all sorts of ways when they take on a young apprentice. It’s now financially easier too — and they can start the day they turn 16. Some kids are just not academically minded, it doesn’t interest them and they would rather be getting their hands into something practical. The kid may be

    7.30 Dec. 13th, 2014 | Opinion