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Bloomsbury Education at the Festival of Education


Whether you’re looking for great classroom resources, amazing poetry, fiction and non-fiction for your library or inspirational professional development ideas we have the books for you!

From award winning practitioner’s guides to dyslexia-friendly fiction for struggling readers, our wide range of resources spans from our Early Years Featherstone range to CPD for secondary teachers. Featuring best-selling authors like Andrew Jennings, Alistair Bryce-Clegg, Sue Cowley, Ross Morrison McGill and Terry Deary, Bloomsbury Education provides fantastic ideas, practical help and inspiration for every teacher from student to senior leader.

Visit the Friday Fest on 25th June to see sessions from Angle Browne on women in education, Samantha Baines and Chitra Soundar on guided reading, Iszi Lawrence on making history pop, Nikki Cunningham-Smith on managing behaviour, and Zoë and Tim Paramour on teaching grammar.


25th June


Angela Browne: The experience of women working in education today

Angela Browne reflects on the experiences of women working in education today and provides advice to inspire, empower and inform the next generation of female leaders.



Chitra Soundar and Samantha Baines: Guided Reading and Using Fiction in Schools

Bloomsbury Reading Scheme authors Chitra Soundar and Samantha Baines celebrate ways to bring books alive in the classroom


Iszi Lawrence: How To Make History POP

Historical fiction author Iszi Lawrence (Netflix, BBC R4, British Museum) gives her top tips on making History everyone’s favourite subject.



Nikki Cunningham-Smith: Turning the grimace into a smile:

Using past experiences (teaching or otherwise) to reflect, learn and thrive in challenging behaviour and classroom management scenarios



Zoe Paramour and Tim Paramour: Grammar isn’t the enemy of creativity

Too often, people inside and outside of the education profession seem to think there’s an “either/or” at work when it comes to grammar and creative writing. The suggestion is that either we teach children the conventions of grammar with precision and rigour OR we teach them to be creative, to use their imaginations and to express themselves. We’re going to explain why it’s actually easier to teach both- to teach grammar well AND encourage children to be creative and to write with flair.


If you missed our sessions on Friday 18th June, make sure you register to watch the videos later on. Catch up on discussions with Sara Alston on differentiation, Andrew Cowley and Adrian Bethune on wellbeing, Gary Wilson on making our boys brilliant, Jon Tait on difficult conversations and Matt Goodfellow on poetry in the classroom.


Sara Alston: Making differentiation work in the classroom

Differentiation doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Sara Alston looks at practical strategies to make it work through small tweaks and adaptions.


Andrew Cowley and Adrian Bethune: Wellbeing in the Classroom

Authors of The Wellbeing Curriculum and Wellbeing in the Classroom, Andrew Cowley and Adrian Bethune share tips for supporting children’s and teachers’ wellbeing


Gary Wilson: Let’s Hear it From the Boys

Boys will be ….. Brilliant! Getting boys on the agenda. Listening to your boys. Developing a caring masculinity. Strategies to help break through the barriers to boys achievement.


Jon Tait: How to Make ‘Difficult Conversations’ not that difficult

Experienced senior leader, Deputy CEO and education author Jon Tait will give a masterclass on the art of the difficult conversation with colleagues, including a plethora of tips and practical strategies to make them not as difficult as you first imagined.


Matt Goodfellow: Bright Bursts of Poetry in the Classroom

Poet and former primary school teacher, Matt Goodfellow,  reads poems and discusses how poetry allows students to write ‘in their voice, about their life’ – providing tips and models to get your class (and you) fired up about writing poetry.


Keynote: Rae Snape and Dr Kulvarn Atwal

The Headteacher’s Handbook, Everything you wanted to know about your first Primary headship but didn’t know who to ask!

An in-conversation event between Rae Snape (Author of the Headteacher’s Handbook and Dr Kulvarn Atwal contributor to the Headteacher’s Handbook and Author of the Thinking School, Developing a Dynamic Teaching Community. We will be talking about our own experiences of headship, the trials and tribulation, the joy and the rewards, what we have learned through the process and the advice we would give to others starting the journey!

Rounding off the Festival, we have a keynote talk from Daniel Sobel, author of The Inclusive Classroom, Narrowing the Attainment Gap and Leading on Pastoral Care.


17:15-18:15 Tuesday 29th June

Daniel Sobel

The 7 painful truths hiding in plain sight about inclusion and the most simple of solutions

Daniel Sobel will draw on his 3 books and demonstrate macro themes that really challenge school in budget, time and stress across all aspects of inclusion – Pupil Premium, SEN, Pastoral and SEMH and so on. He will show how seeing the wood for the trees of these issues and making the right tweaks here and there can have massive impact on budgets and time and the way inclusion is done in schools. Daniel will also share some “new epoch” thinking – a radically different paradigm for thinking about the same old, often stale issues.


Please visit https://www.bloomsbury.com/education for more information and resources on our books.


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