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A breath of fresh air, a taste of adventure and the chance to win a free school trip!


A Kingswood trip offers a sense of adventure and a taste of independence; benefits which last way beyond a child’s return to the classroom. Our brilliant experiences for young people help them shake off the stresses of the past year and make memories which will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Kingswood has offered life-changing adventures to young people for more than 35 years; our award-winning, confidence-boosting programmes take place at our 10 Inspiring Learning adventure centres across the UK or our Chateau in France. Whether it’s a day visit for younger children or a residential trip, our amazing team supports every child to reach their full potential in a safe and fun environment.

We believe residentials have never been more important. A recent All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) report on the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of young people demonstrated clearly the genuine and immediate need to bring children together, in the outdoors to put down their devices and re-engage with themselves and those around them.

We recently spoke to Dr Emma Whewell, Deputy Subject Leader for Sport and Exercise at the University of Northampton, who contributed the report, and said: “Mental health is very personal and children have definitely been impacted differently by the pandemic. Our identities are formed by our interactions with other people and those around us – we mimic people we like. If our social interactions are restricted, we build our identity based on what we see, and this year that has mainly been online or on television.

“Social media in particular has led to a warped perception of what young people think they should look, behave and even sound like, and interacting purely through screens or phones also restricts emotional development because children need to learn how to use body language to understand how someone is feeling. Combining this with less access to outside spaces where young people can interact and develop their motor skills has resulted in a loss of confidence for some children.”

This new school year, teachers and group leaders are able to choose from two new curriculum-informed activity programmes; Adventure and Adventure Plus. Our flexible options allow you to create your own activity program, or let the experts do it for you. Both Adventure and Adventure Plus are designed to ensure that you achieve your desired learning outcomes, whilst offering each child an opportunity to increase their resilience, grow their confidence and develop their character.

September is full of exciting new experiences and challenges for young people as they make the leap into a new school, Key Stage or year group. We’re delighted to welcome in the new school year with a brand new offer. Schools enquiring by the 31st October and quoting ‘FREEADVENTURE’ will be entered into a draw to enjoy their residential adventure for free! 1 in every 25 schools will win – it’s our way of saying welcome back (T&Cs apply).

2021 and beyond also sees new tools introduced to the Kingswood experience. Partnering with Enrich Education, we’ll be offering pre and post-visit activities which will help extend the value of your residential, long after you return back to the classroom. We are excited to see their pre and post trip tools extend the value of your trip beyond children’s stay.

Plus, we want to show you how much your group grows in confidence with us, and we have a brand new Confidence Tracker to do just that. By filling out a questionnaire before and after your trip, we will evaluate and evidence the impact of our residential experience on your group and give you a personalised report built in line with the Ofsted Inspection Framework. We’re expecting the pandemic to have impacted the ‘before’ findings quite substantially, so we’re more motivated than ever to deliver an experience that demonstrates real, immediate progress for each child.

To find out more about our September offer, visit kingswood.co.uk/freeadventure; call us on 0800 655 6564, or email us at sales@kingswood.co.uk. Enquire today and be in with a chance of getting your school trip for free! Simply quote ‘FREEADVENTURE’.

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