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Dance Live! The School & College dance event that is taking the country by storm

The exciting competition for KS2-4 and Further Education is expanding to new venues across the South and introducing a new contest in the North of England

The exciting competition for KS2-4 and Further Education is expanding to new venues across the South and introducing a new contest in the North of England


Following interest from schools and colleges across the country, annual dance competition Dance Live! is expanding across the south and to the north of England to deliver an exciting, inclusive and developmental experience for young people!

Formal registration is now open for events in Portsmouth, Guildford, High Wycombe, Eastbourne and Poole and expressions of interest are invited for a contest to take place in the north of England.

What is Dance Live?

Brought to you by The Guildhall Trust, Dance Live! embraces the ever-evolving digital world and how this is changing the face of modern performance in a competition that sees young people compete with choreographed routines to the backdrop of a giant digital LED screen, showcasing a range of dance, performance and creative design skills and off-stage technical capability.

Dance Live! challenges schools and colleges to create a largely dance based, original and creative performance piece with a strong narrative which embraces and interacts with all aspects of digital content including the LED screen, giving young people the opportunity to experience and produce their own modern production.

More than just on-stage performance, Dance Live! encourages as many young people as possible to participate in off-stage roles from choreography, direction, music, costume and prop making to filming, graphic design and illustration, video production and lighting design. Teamwork is key!  

Why should you consider participating in Dance Live?

Aimed at students aged 7-18 in key stages 2-4 and Further Education, Dance Live! focuses on raising aspirations and developing skills for creative career choices and offers:      

  • A FREE workshop for every new School or College
  • Experience of performing on a professional stage
  • Opportunity to develop off-stage and technical skills
  • The chance to develop friendships, teamwork and confidence
  • Health & wellbeing benefits
  • Improved attainment and aspiration levels
  • Links to Ofsted and the Gatsby benchmark

“Dance Live! is genuinely the MOST memorable day and our children have come away excited, inspired and full of enthusiasm for the creative arts”

“I saw children overcome barriers and come into school with a totally different outlook. They are now positive about being in school and want to share their experiences, when normally they wouldn’t contribute in class”

“Our students have made memories that will last a lifetime and are still buzzing and talking about Dance Live!”

Over 4,000 young people participated in Dance Live! 2022 which is produced and managed by The Guildhall Trust as part of its wider Get Involved programme of activity to inspire careers in the creative industries.

Hayley Reay, Head of Learning & Participation for The Guildhall Trust said:

“We are so excited to be able to expand Dance Live! across the country and invite more schools and colleges to be able to participate in 2023. Interest from across the country has exceeded all our expectations and we are keen to capitalise on the opportunity of providing a holistic skills-building opportunity for young people”

Supported by Prospero Teaching, there are also a range of commercial and partnership opportunities available for businesses who wish to support young people through Dance Live!  

Want to know more?

Head to www.dancelive.co.uk for more information, to register for Dance Live! South or express your interest in Dance Live! North

Contact the team directly:

023 9387 0196

Dance Live! 2023 South

Formal registration is open until 11th July. If you are new to Dance Live! get in touch for an introductory meeting or to join our zoom seminar.

Heats will take place at Portsmouth Guildhall, The Lighthouse Poole, G Live Guildford, The Swan High Wycombe and Eastbourne Theatres in Feb-March 2023 with finals taking place in Portsmouth in April 2023.  

Dance Live! 2023 North

Expressions of Interest are now invited before 18th July. Dance Live! will be heading to venues within travelling distance of Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Derby, Nottingham, Newcastle and Carlisle, depending on where there is most demand, with a completely new contest for Juniors and Seniors taking place in March-April 2023.

Express your interest now to receive more information and be invited to an introductory meeting or zoom seminar.

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