How unfunded pay rises turned my budget surplus into a £140k deficit

Headteacher Tim Marston has been forced into a summer savings scramble after the government's late decision to raise teacher...

John Dickens
Tim Marston
Grammar Schools

The evidence that exposes calls to bring back grammar schools

With grammar schools seemingly back on the agenda – it feels like 2016 all over again. Thankfully we are...

John Dickens
Jon Andrews

All aboard: How coastal schools can keep their maritime heritage afloat

Schools wanted to join a sailing adventure with scheme aimed at raising aspirations and attainment

John Dickens
Rachel Kitley

Edtech: Four golden rules for reviewing your school’s use

The pandemic caused technology use in schools to skyrocket. But while many schools have invested heavily in edtech over...

JL Dutaut
Graham Macaulay

Getting everyone talking about research – and pulling together

We have all been in that meeting, it seems. The one where the same colleague constantly argues, “Actually the...

JL Dutaut
Katie Mallender

Ofsted’s autocratic curriculum experiment has failed

Over the years, Ofsted’s role has shifted from ‘aiming to improve lives by raising standards in education and children’s...

JL Dutaut
Meena Kumari Wood and Adrian Lyons
Mental health

How to foster interest in world events – without the anxiety

As a new report shows young people are anxious about world events, Lindsay Nadin and Helen Care set out...

JL Dutaut
Lindsay Nadin and Dr Helen Care
Religious education

Religious education: A test case for humanist views

Schools have a lot of leeway over their curriculum for religious studies but a recent case means humanism simply...

JL Dutaut
JL Dutaut
SEND review

SEND Review: Why it’s time to ditch the meritocratic myth

We must rethink troubling assumptions at the heart of the SEND green paper in order to restore dignity to...

JL Dutaut
Ben Newmark and Tom Rees