Persistent absence risks children’s futures. Here’s how we’ll address it

Raising fines and making guidance and daily data submissions mandatory will boost early intervention and a support-first approach, says...

Freddie Whittaker
Damian Hinds
The Knowledge

How youth work complements and supports schools

Three studies show how youth work is a vital part of any effort to improve the lives and outcomes...

JL Dutaut
Will Millard and Jacob Diggle

Making politics more representative starts with education

A first-of-a-kind project aims to empower young people with the knowledge and skills to make change happen locally and...

JL Dutaut
Emma Hardy and Debra Gray

Three creative ways to boost your school’s fundraising

With rising costs comes a need to rethink how schools raise funds. Here are three easy-to-implement ideas to maximise...

JL Dutaut
Mira Shah
The Knowledge

How are multi-academy trusts navigating centralisation?

New research reveals how trusts pool funding and the opportunities and challenges for more and better centralisation

JL Dutaut
Chris Kirk and Will Jordan

Young governors show we won’t pay lip service to student voice

One bold student encounter persuaded me we needed to do much more to truly value students’ views and ideas

JL Dutaut
Mohsen Ojja

Why Ofsted should not inspect safeguarding (and who should do it instead)

The foundations of a more comprehensive and effective safeguarding system than Ofsted’s narrow approach already exist

JL Dutaut
Alan Wood

Persistent absence is the first barrier Labour will seek to break

Conservative government has broken the relationships that underpin school attendance. Labour will rebuild the ladder to success

JL Dutaut
Catherine McKinnell
Manifesto 2024

Five policies to make AI-enabled learning safe and equitable

AI’s potential to transform education must be matched by ambitious policies to ensure its benefits are shared and its...

JL Dutaut
Sir Hamid Patel