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Manifesto 2024

Four policies to make long-term political planning the norm

The next government’s mission should be to redefine education for the next 80 years, not the next five or...

JL Dutaut
Carl Ward

Solving attendance requires a whole-system rethink

Attendance is only one very visible symptom of a deeper crisis in support systems for children with SEND and...

JL Dutaut
Anna Feuchtwang
Oracy Commission

Why you should be thinking about disciplinary oracy

Delivering whole-school oracy hinges on understanding what can be implemented for all and what should flex to be subject-specific

JL Dutaut
Amanda Moorghen

What Taylor Swift taught me about school leadership

The Eras tour - and one song in particular - was a cathartic moment of reflection on the realities...

JL Dutaut
James Handscombe

Why I put my job at risk to recommend my trust’s merger

There are few personal upsides and there’s a great deal of risk, but it’s the right thing to do...

JL Dutaut
Hazel Cubbage
Election 2024

Twelve things that will change in the government’s educational world view if Labour wins

Governing is as much about leading as it is about making decisions - and Labour's approach will feel very...

JL Dutaut
Ed Dorrell
Child poverty

Schools can tackle poverty – but not alone and not this way

Schools can be pivotal in ending child poverty, but they need to be treated as integral to the process...

JL Dutaut
John Camp

Solutions: What AP can teach us about recruiting the best

Talented people who can inspire the hardest-to-teach children can be found in the unlikeliest places if you prioritise the...

JL Dutaut
James Lowe
The Knowledge

The Knowledge: How can we restore a love of writing among young people?

Amid evidence of a sharp decline in young people’s enjoyment of writing, our new report sheds light on where...

JL Dutaut
Professor Becky Francis