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What are the ACTUAL new policies in Greening’s action plan?

Justine Greening has finally published her social mobility action plan, entitled ‘Unlocking Talent, Fulfilling Potential’.

Much of it includes policies we already knew and some philosophical underpinnings about how it hangs together, which are quite neat.

But the bit you want to know is what’s new? And what’s specific, rather than a vagueish-sounding promise. I’ve also stripped out all the little pots of cash that have been variously announced over time, and are repeated again in this paper.

Having removed all the guff, here’s what’s new and might actually have relevance to you at school level. Enjoy.

What are the actual policies in ‘unlocking talent, fulfilling potential’?


1. £50m for more school-based nursery provision for disadvantaged children

2. Establish expert group on reception learning

3. Coasting schools to get coordinated support from an accredited, school-led system leader instead of enforced leadership change

4. Actively increase high-quality initial teacher training partnerships in challenging areas struggling with recruitment

5. New teachers to get “universal entitlement” to a “core of support” during first years

6. Consultation on clearer career pathways for teachers

7. Develop an effective accreditation system for teacher professional development

8. Prioritise the opening of teaching schools in challenging areas

9. Revise performance metrics to ensure greater support for underperforming schools

10. New wave of free schools in 2018 will particularly focus on challenging areas

11. Review into “children in need”, to understand these pupils

12. Carry out an externally led review into school exclusions

13. £23m Future Talent Fund to trial approaches to teaching bright children

14. Introduce a “transition year” for 16-year-olds not ready to access A-levels or T-levels


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