Civil servants spend too much time in a room with other civil servants

After four years in the job, Jonathan Slater was unceremoniously sacked as permanent secretary of the Department for Education....

Jess Staufenberg
Jess Staufenberg
Education Reform

Fair funding reforms won’t be fully rolled out for at least 3 years

Government reforms to make school funding fairer will now not be fully implemented for at least another three years....

Freddie Whittaker
Freddie Whittaker

Revised safety and sexual harassment guidance: 8 things you need to know

The government has issued beefed-up guidance on tackling sexual misconduct in schools, warning downplaying it as “banter” can normalise...

Tom Belger
Tom Belger

How can the government better support MATs?

With speculation rife that the national schools commissioner role might disappear, Michael Pain lays out what he thinks DfE...

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