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National leader of governance, Yorkshire and the Humber

18 Jun 2022, 5:00


Ruby Bhatti’s blogs of the week, 13 June 2022

Creating an Effective School Vision

Daniel Robertson via @nexusEdUK

In this very insightful blog, Twinkl publisher Daniel Robertson argues that creating an effective school vision requires co-designing short- and long-term goals with the wider school community.

Allowing everyone to ‘bond over ideas’, he says, not only creates an inclusive vision but also makes that vision more realistic. He goes on to outline areas that should be considered when creating the school vision, demonstrating a commitment to diversity from start to end, including in his research.  

As chair of trustees, that blog has reinforced for me the importance of having all stakeholders around the table. Their voice and input allows everyone to own the vision!

The Role of the SEND Governor


When SEND governors work closely with SENDCos, together they have a great impact on schools’ vision, ethos and strategic intent. This blog explains their importance to the core functions of the school and their role in ensuring continual development for pupils with SEND. It also gives some insight into what link governors could be focusing on and to thread their findings through strategic plans.

I will be ensuring link governors have adequate and ongoing training and experience to best support our SENDCo staff. And I’ll also be keeping this one close by for a powerful defence of hybrid meetings when we next discuss returning to the traditional face-to-face kind.

Queer Clubbing – Creating Intentional Queer Space in Educational Settings

@MsE_Cronin via @DiverseED2020  

Here, secondary senior leader and Bristol Queer Educators founder Edel Cronin sets out the importance of creating spaces and a sense of community for LGBTQ + pupils. Cronin reflects on messages that stayed with her in her early teaching days and how young LGBTQ + people can feel isolated from others and from the history that belongs to them.

Cronin goes on to explain how she implemented her school Pride event and how important it was for building coalitions and reducing stereotypes to get the school to fully support it. It’s a powerful argument if you needed one for having policies in place to support staff and pupils from all walks of life to find their space within their schools.

We Must Commit Now to Address the Inequality that Exists within the Education System

@ClaudeniaW via @Ambition_Inst

Delving into the NFER’s recently published research into the representation and career progression of people from ethnic-minority backgrounds in English schools, Claudenia Williams here raises important points about why so many people are leaving the profession. In short, many feel they are not looked after, either in the early part of their careers or when aiming for senior leadership.

Reflecting on her personal experience and the challenges she had to face, Williams makes a compelling case that the NFER’s data should support those in senior positions to help drive change. While critical, this is a post full of hope that policymakers will make good use of the best practice the research signposts to build a more inclusive and diverse education system.  

But it can’t be left to them alone. Governors, trustees and senior leaders must play their part to ensure our staff reflect the communities we serve. Diversity must be at the heart of any decisions and policies we make.

From NQT to Headship and Everything Else in Between ̶ My Journey

@Robin_W_F via @MenTeachPrimary

Having progressed to headship at a very young age, the author of this blog (who only uses his first name) writes here about how instrumental his early career was in setting him on his path. Reflecting on the very start of that journey, he recalls how his preference for teaching his beloved history at secondary was challenged by a placement in a primary school. His stereotyped view of the latter dropped away, and he never looked back!

It’s a truly inspirational blog that emphasises how having good colleagues around you who want you to succeed makes such a difference. That, too, should be at the heart of how leaderships teams approach their role: recognising talent and taking every opportunity to support teachers to live their dream.

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