Queen’s Speech Live: What’s in it for schools and teachers?

Reporter Freddie Whittaker is on hand to bring you live updates from the official state opening of Parliament and Queen’s Speech.

12.10pm: And here are the briefing notes on childcare…

To provide for an increased entitlement to 30 hours a week of free childcare (for 38 weeks of the year) to be made available to eligible working parents of three and four-year-olds.

To require local authorities to publish information about the provision of childcare in the local authority area, and other services or facilities which might be of benefit to parents or prospective parents, or children or young persons in their area.

This will clearly affect the 6,843 primary schools in England which have nursery provision (figures from School Census and as of Jan 2014).


Noon: Here are the main elements of the education and adoption bill applicable to schools…

The Bill would give Regional Schools Commissioners powers to bring in leadership support from other excellent schools and heads, and would speed up the process of turning schools into academies.

An inadequate Ofsted judgement would usually lead to a school being converted into an academy, and barriers would be removed to ensure swift progress towards conversion.

It would make schools that meet a new coasting definition, having shown a prolonged period of mediocre performance and insufficient pupil progress, eligible for academisation.

A coasting definition will be set out in due course according to a number of factors.


11.50am: Those schools and childcare pledges in full…

“Legislation will be brought forward to improve schools and give every child the best start in life, with new powers to take over failing and coasting schools and create more academies.”

“Measures will be brought forward to help working people by greatly increasing the provision of free childcare.”

11.40am: School plans laid out but Green leader unconvinced

Plans to create more academies and deal with coasting schools were among the first proposals outlined by Her Majesty today.

But not everyone is convinced…

11.35am: The Gove that keeps on giving.

Michael Gove has delivered the speech, and we’re off

Britain Queen's Speech

11.18am: Minister on message

Education minister Sam Gymiah has taken to twitter to promote the key education legislation included in the speech.


11.10am: Familiar face delivering the speech

Former education secretary Michael Gove will deliver the speech to Her Majesty, as part of the civic duties of his new job of justice secretary and Lord Chancellor.

Gove FOW

10.55am: Reminder of what’s in store…

If you need to remind yourself what we’re expecting in terms of policy affecting schools, I’ve written this helpful piece. You’re welcome. Don’t say I never do anything for you.

Britain Queen's Speech
A really helpful article


10.45am: Preparations underway for arrival of The Queen

Everything seems to be going according to plan as the Houses of Parliament prepare to receive their royal visitors.

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