2030 vision: we need to talk about speech and language

The one thing that ties the green and white papers together is the absence of a vision or strategy…

JL Dutaut
Jane Harris
Grammar Schools

Okay, Mr Zahawi. Let’s put grammar school popularity to the test

Proposals to change selective school rules for MATS show supporters like Nadhim Zahawi don’t believe they’re as popular as…

JL Dutaut
Joanne Bartley
Legal advice

Transgender rights: what does the law say?

The attorney general’s simplistic take on a complex issue could lead schools into legal difficulties, writes Esther Maxwell

JL Dutaut
Esther Maxwell


Measuring wellbeing should not be feared but embraced 

Concerns about accountability are holding back what could be a powerful counter-measure to league tables and toxic work cultures,…

JL Dutaut
Adrian Bethune

How can we make school transition into an opportunity?

Focusing on the perceived challenges of transition can lead us to lose sight of the opportunities it presents young…

JL Dutaut
Dr Elizabeth Gregory
Religious education

Poor (or no) RE is a gaping hole in the curriculum

A data review of religious education paints a mixed picture, writes Sabah Ahmedi, yet it is crucial to human…

JL Dutaut
Sabah Ahmedi
Legal advice

How to manage covert recording of staff by pupils and parents

Covert recordings of school staff are becoming commonplace and can be problematic, writes Theresa Kerr, but some simple steps…

JL Dutaut
Theresa Kerr

Diversifying our workforce can’t be just a numbers game

Teacher shortages may drive interest in diversifying the teaching workforce, writes Sufian Sadiq, but other reasons will offer more…

JL Dutaut
Sufian Sadiq

What matters when selecting texts for comprehension activities?

The NFER’s work on reading comprehension can help teachers make the most of the enjoyable task of choosing texts…

JL Dutaut
Anne Kispal

Must Read

Cabinet reshuffle

The PM’s carelessness leaves the DfE with a crisis of competence

A new education secretary inherits a long list of pressing matters and there’s no sign the merry-go-round will stop…

JL Dutaut
Geoff Barton
early years

Bridging the gap with early years for a fairer start for all

Our pilot is proving that schools’ involvement in the early years makes academic and financial sense, writes Katie Oliver,…

JL Dutaut
Katie Oliver

How can we nurture teachers’ superpowers?

There are clear ways to develop impactful teacher expertise, writes Sarah Bagshaw McCormick, and merely observing colleagues’ ‘superpowers’ isn’t…

JL Dutaut
Sarah Bagshaw-McCormick



What next for an ECF that is already failing new teachers and mentors?

Halfway through its first year, the ECF has already become a straitjacket, writes Sam Strickland, but its promise can…

JL Dutaut

Weaving a ‘golden thread’ through professional development

Teacher training reforms impact everyone from trainee to leader. The key to retention and progress is to offer consistency…

JL Dutaut



Exams: is there an alternative to ‘back to normal’?

Schools may be relieved to recover a sense of normality, write Mick Waters and Tim Brighouse, but there are…

JL Dutaut
Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters

Exams head us back to normality. Now for league tables

Ofqual is ensuring students get the exams they want in the fairest way possible, writes Gareth Stevens, but schools…

JL Dutaut

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