How we’ve come top of the table for our attendance success

Our schools’ competitive spirit is driving us to better and better attendance – but a league table like ours…

JL Dutaut
Joshua Coleman

Asleep on the job? How trusts have missed out on £53 million

New research shows academy trusts have failed to capitalize on interest rates and are likely missing out on more…

JL Dutaut
Nigel Brunning

Safety valve agreements are making the SEND funding crisis worse

The pernicious effects of prioritising deficit reduction over investment in children’s needs are spreading across the whole system

JL Dutaut
Julia Harnden

Election 2024

Fixing 14 years of damage must be an election priority

This election is a watershed moment for education. An incoming Government must recognise the scale of the problems, says…

JL Dutaut
Daniel Kebede
Manifesto 2024

Two priorities to redesign accountability for authentic improvement

As election campaigns are launched, Kulvarn Atwal draws on the Headteachers’ Roundtable’s manifesto to call for wholesale reform of…

JL Dutaut
Kulvarn Atwal
Arts education

The next government must get schools art beating again

A new report outlines a ‘stark erosion’ of arts subjects taught in state schools. Here’s a charity’s plan to…

John Dickens
Sally Bacon and Derri Burdon
AI, Solutions

Solutions: Five ways to use AI to get the best from your MIS

While the sector’s AI focus has been on teachers’ workloads and students’ learning, the biggest impact may be at…

JL Dutaut
Debbie Rose

Holocaust education is more vital than ever

Great educators know the best way to communicate the scale of the Holocaust is to ensure students connect with…

JL Dutaut
Rob Rinder
The Knowledge

What are key considerations when planning CPD?

It’s crucial to consider not just the what but also the how of professional development activity for maximum impact

JL Dutaut
Ourania Ventista and C.J. Rauch

Must Read

Manifesto 2024

Three policies to put sustainability at the heart of education

Leading our children and communities to the sustainable future all our futures rely on should not be left to…

JL Dutaut
Cathie Paine

A good start: Labour’s school nursery policy needs more detail

Our experience shows Labour’s policy join up nurseries and schools has a lot of potential – but some very…

JL Dutaut
Katie Oliver

Done with, not to: How to mobilise specialist knowledge for all learners with SEND

Unlocking the expertise of specialist settings is key to ensuring all learners with SEND thrive – if we can…

JL Dutaut
Dr Neil Gilbride and Kay Rimmington-Singh



Degree apprenticeships are key to increasing and diversifying recruitment

Work to deliver the new qualification should continue at pace to meet recruitment challenges by making teaching more accessible,…

JL Dutaut
Melanie Renowden

ITT: Which is the odd one out?

The deeply flawed ITT reforms are a threat to sustainable teacher supply for purely ideological purposes, writes David Spendlove

JL Dutaut
David Spendlove



How sitting an exam re-affirmed my respect for our students

I still believe exams to be the best way of testing academic knowledge and understanding but they’re no bagatelle,…

JL Dutaut
James Handscombe

The stereotype that could be feeding exam anxiety

The ‘snowflake’ stereotype is damaging and unjustified, but a more pervasive idea may be perpetuating exam anxiety, says Stephen…

JL Dutaut
Stephen Caldwell

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