A-level results 2022

A-level results day 2022: Teachers face AQA exams portal issues

Board says results delivery not impacted by 'issues' with 'working' system

Board says results delivery not impacted by 'issues' with 'working' system


Frustrated teachers say they have been left unable to explain A-level results to students because they could not access AQA’s exams portal.

Dozens of teachers, including heads of department, have complained since 8am that they were told the “service is not currently available” when trying to find details of results.

AQA has told complaining staff to check they have the correct online access from exam officers and to log in and out. But many said they did have the permissions and the refresh did not work.

While students will still have received their results, which are sent directly to schools, teachers told Schools Week the issues meant they were unable to see the scores for some individual exam units.

Access to these scores is important, for example for deciding whether to request a review of marking for students near a grade borderline, teachers said.

A spokesperson for AQA said the system was “working”, but they were aware “some teachers have been having issues”.

“There are a number of possible reasons and solutions, and we’re working hard to support anyone who’s having problems. None of this has affected the delivery of results to students earlier today.”

Department heads can’t access ‘basic’ info

The board said the problems were not related to industrial action by Unison, whose members are striking during the next two weeks over a pay dispute.

One head of department told Schools Week: “Loads of heads of departments can’t access the most basic bits of information.

“AQA have been really opaque with their communication.”

However, exams regulator Ofqual said they had been reassured by AQA that it is “not a widespread issue” and that “some individuals” have reported issues.

They encouraged “any schools and colleges experiencing these issues to contact AQA directly, who will be able to resolve them”.

AQA switched from its former eAQA service to a new Centre Services system last year. This is the first time it has been used for a summer exam results round.

Teachers told Schools Week that they usually received all data at about 6am on results day, but this year AQA’s website said some would be available at 8am with the rest at 1pm. The rest is available from September 5.

AQA claimed it staggered the go-live times this year to protect the system from a surge in traffic first thing in the morning.

BTEC students in limbo with blank results slips

Meanwhile anxious BTEC students have been left in limbo after receiving blank results slips this morning prompting fears it could affect university offers.

Pearson, the awarding body for the qualifications, said it was aware of a “delay” to results experienced by a “very small percentage” of students. It said it was “working with schools and colleges” to resolve the issue.

Exam board OCR has also faced problems, with some Cambridge Technical students facing delays. A spokesperson said they were working with schools to deliver results “as soon as possible” and to keep “UCAS informed where results are needed for university offers”.

Ofqual said in any year “there are always a small proportion of students who don’t receive their results on results day because there are “unresolved issues”.

“We are monitoring Pearson and OCR to ensure they are taking all necessary steps to work with any affected schools and colleges to resolve these issues as soon as possible. UCAS updates HE providers as results are processed and this year’s numbers are in line with those in a normal year.

“Where an exam board fails to issue results to students and the board is ultimately found to be at fault, we could choose to take regulatory action.”

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