Uganda beckons for 20 teachers this summer

A Cornwall teacher is searching for 20 UK teachers to take to Uganda this summer for three weeks of in-school coaching.

Lizzie Waddling, an expressive arts and English teacher at Falmouth School, will lead the team in delivering teaching ideas and strategies to Ugandan teachers and pupils.

It will deliver in-school coaching alongside a five-day conference.

“With the limited resources available to teachers in Africa, in-service teacher training is very rare and nearly always externally run rather than being integrated into school life,” Lizzie says. “The result is didactic low-quality teaching.”

She says the skills needed to join her venture are “loads of enthusiasm, problem-solving skills and the ability to inspire, something we know will filter through to others involved”.

The project will be run through social enterprise LRTT (Limited Resource Teacher Training) and will cost £1,195 per place. The price includes accommodation, all meals and transport, as well as training and mentoring.

The LRTT conference in India that Lizzie Waddling took part in last summer
The LRTT conference in India that Lizzie Waddling took part in last summer

But the money is worth it for “fantastic” career development, especially for newly qualified teachers, Lizzie says.

“It is an absolutely incredible opportunity, especially for new teachers in the early stages of their careers.

“When they return they can say to their school that over the summer they have run continuing professional development sessions, which is something a UK teacher probably wouldn’t do until they get to middle management.

“They will come back as much more confident teachers with a much clearer understanding of how to use different things in their teaching, different behaviour management skills and more.”

This is Lizzie’s second overseas project; last year she travelled to India with LRTT.

“Since our visit, Indian teachers have taken on roles as leaders, lead practitioners for training and professional development within their schools, so it is great to see that the training links are continuing. Seeing the impact it has on children is incredible.”

If you are interested in joining Lizzie visit http://lrtt.org/uganda2015/. The trip starts on July 27 and runs to August 21. Applications will be accepted until July.

Main pic: Lizzie teaches a class in India as part of her trip with LRTT last year


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