Teacher grades to be awarded in major government U-turn after results fiasco – reports

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Ministers are set to announce this afternoon that both A-level and GCSEs students will be awarded their teacher grades in a major U-turn following this year’s results fiasco.

The expected announcement, also reported by national newspaper journalists on Twitter, follows mounting pressure on the government over last week’s calculated grades that were mostly awarded based on Ofqual’s algorithm. Nearly 40 per cent of final grades were downgraded from centre assessment grades (CAGs).

Scotland had already U-turned to allow teacher grades, and this morning Northern Ireland announced it would do the same for GCSEs.

And Wales has now followed suit. Education minister Kirsty Williams said that “given decisions elsewhere, the balance of fairness now lies with awarding Centre Assessment grades”.

Students that had higher calculated grades will keep those, however. Similar is expected in England.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson had insisted on Saturday that there would be “no U-turn”. But the decision is set to be made after Ofqual chaotically pulled its guidance on appeals – leaving pupils that missed out on the grades needed to progress onto their next destination in further limbo.

It was reported the guidance was removed as Ofqual board members were split over instead just allowing centre assessment grades to be awarded.

Students took to the streets over the weekend to protest against this year’s calculated grades. The government was also facing multiple legal challenges.

But it appears Williamson will survive the fiasco. A spokesperson for prime minister said Boris Johnson had “full confidence” in the embattled education secretary.

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  1. ‘Boris Johnson had “full confidence” in the embattled education secretary.’

    Imagine the debacle he would have to preside over to lose the PM’s confidence?

    Only days ago the PM said it was ‘a robust and rigorous system’. What has changed – public opinion and backbench opinion. What a waste of money and stress and upset.

    One can only imagine his diktat to the inept GW – ‘Get u-turn done’.

  2. Joan Sinclair

    At last!!! The Goverment listened to the students, teachers and parents and did the right thing in using the Teachers’ predictive grades. At this time nothing else would have worked. As a result of allowing Teachers’ predictive grades for A-levels and GCSE, EUDUCATION can breathe; it’s the winner. Hallelujah!!!