• Governors: New Ofsted inspections 'rushed' and reports 'patronising'

    Ofsted’s new framework is diminishing the role of governance in schools, patronising staff and leading to rushed inspections, a new report has claimed. The National Governance Association has today released ‘A view from the board’ – its evaluation of Ofsted’s new inspection framework. While 65 per cent of governors and trustees at over 800 schools

    5.01 Mar. 20th, 2020 | News

  • Ofsted refuses to say whether senior official 'approved' content for curriculum firm

    A curriculum provider has insisted a senior Ofsted official “approved” articles in its promotional magazine that featured alongside the Ofsted logo – despite the watchdog claiming it doesn’t approve “commercial products”. Cornerstones Education distributed The Curriculum magazine to schools earlier this week having released an online version last month. The front page bears the schools

    14.16 Feb. 25th, 2020 | News

  • Ofsted's inspection grace period won't apply to full primary curriculum

    Ofsted’s curriculum grace period will not apply to reading, writing and maths in primary schools. Further details of the education watchdog’s transition plans to give schools some breathing space in developing their curriculum were released in notes to inspectors today. It shows the transition arrangements apply to four of the “good” criteria of the quality

    15.51 Sep. 5th, 2019 | News

  • What to do when an inspector calls

    Leaders should keep a cool head and take practical steps to prepare for the phone call from Ofsted, writes Ian Hartwright. School leaders tell us they are relieved that Ofsted has dropped plans to arrive on-site within a couple of hours of notifying a school of an inspection. But, from September, head teachers will be expected

    5.00 Jul. 20th, 2019 | Opinion

  • These children need more than a system of escalating consequences

    Ofsted’s new framework must recognise the enormous hurdles that some children have to overcome – and inspectors must make sure that funding to support them is used in the right way, says Becky White At three years old, Jade* often ate until she was sick. In between meals, she sneaked other people’s leftovers out of

    5.00 Mar. 31st, 2019 | Opinion

  • What the new Ofsted framework says about the curriculum

    Ofsted doesn’t need a new inspection framework, says Frank Norris. But as it’s here, he urges “all colleagues to analyse each word, sentence and paragraph closely” In 2004, I was asked to join the development HMI team for the new school inspection framework that was implemented in 2005. I redesigned the joint area review framework

    5.00 Feb. 2nd, 2019 | Opinion

  • The problem isn’t the framework, it’s high-stakes accountability

    Ros McMullen gives ‘a big thumbs-up’ to the emphasis on curriculum – although, she says, she struggles with how inspectors will judge its impact I have a confession – I really like Amanda Spielman, our HMCI, and I really like her intentions. I am also one of those who believe schools should be all about

    5.00 Jan. 19th, 2019 | Opinion