• Revealed: The details behind ex-superhead Sir Craig Tunstall's dismissal

    A superhead received “unauthorised” payments of nearly £300,000 that helped to plunge his former federation of schools into deficit, court documents have revealed. Sir Craig Tunstall is suing Lambeth Council in south London in the High Court for at least £200,000 over claims that an “excessive workload”, exacerbated by plans to open a free school,

    5.00 Sep. 25th, 2020 | News

  • Former superhead suing for £200k over claims 'excessive workload' damaged his health

    An ex-headteacher who helped turnaround failing schools is suing for more than £200,000 over claims an “excessive workload”, exacerbated by plans to open a new free school, left him depressed. Sir Craig Tunstall, formerly England’s best paid primary headteacher on £367,000 a year, was dismissed from the council-maintained Gipsy Hill Federation in 2018 for “gross

    12.47 Mar. 31st, 2020 | News