• DfE says Easter holiday FSM funding is one-off

    The government has announced it will reimburse schools that have paid for free school meals for children out of school over the Easter break – but the support won’t be rolled-out over future holiday periods. In updated guidance released today the Department for Education has stated “free school meals should be offered to eligible pupils

    10.15 Apr. 7th, 2020 | News

  • Free school meal vouchers WILL now be available over Easter

    The government has today made a U-turn on its refusal to pay for free school meal vouchers over Easter – saying they will now be available to “support household income”. Former education secretary Michael Gove, speaking at today’s coronavirus briefing, also said the government is “conscious more must be done”, particularly over holidays, to help

    16.52 Apr. 4th, 2020 | News

  • Coronavirus: Schools and councils step up to feed pupils over Easter

    Schools, councils and academy trusts are delving into their own finances to make sure poorer pupils stuck at home during Easter continue to get free meals. The Department for Education finally launched a national scheme this week to provide £15 weekly vouchers for pupils entitled to free school meals. Our conclusion was that it’s our

    15.55 Apr. 3rd, 2020 | News

  • Coronavirus: Pupils won't get free school meal vouchers during Easter holidays

    A national voucher scheme aimed at keeping the poorest children fed during school closures will not run throughout the Easter holidays, the Department for Education has confirmed. The government confirmed today that it was pressing ahead with its plans to issue £15 weekly supermarket vouchers to families for pupils who would normally qualify for means-tested

    10.47 Mar. 31st, 2020 | News

  • Coronavirus: DfE confirms plans for £15-a-week free school meal vouchers

    Six national supermarket chains have signed up to the government’s new national voucher scheme for free school meals. However the government has confirmed that vouchers will not be available during the Easter holidays – despite many schools staying open. The Department for Education has today confirmed plans, as revealed by Schools Week, to issue £15

    0.01 Mar. 31st, 2020 | News

  • Coronavirus: FSM vouchers to provide '£3 per meal', as caterers criticised for 'shameful' hampers

    Pupils are set to get weekly supermarket vouchers totalling £15 to replace their free school meal entitlements under a new national scheme, Schools Week understands. But heads have been told the scheme won’t be rolled out until next week. The voucher payments work out at £3 per day – an increase of 70p on the

    15.50 Mar. 25th, 2020 | News

  • Coronavirus: How schools are stepping up to keep disadvantaged pupils fed

    At a time of uncertainty and lack of clarity from the top, many school leaders have been sharing ideas on how to keep disadvantaged pupils fed, ahead of today’s coronavirus school shutdown. Schools this week took the lead to ensure poorer pupils are provided with free school meals, with staff providing food hampers and buying

    5.00 Mar. 20th, 2020 | News

  • Coronavirus: Issue food parcels or supermarket vouchers to free school meals pupils, DfE tells schools

    Schools should work with catering providers or local authorities to provide food parcels or send out supermarket vouchers to pupils eligible for free school meals who are affected by coronavirus. The Department for Education has sent out new guidance for schools this morning on how to support pupils eligible for means-tested meals who are either

    11.19 Mar. 19th, 2020 | News

  • DfE eyes universal infant free school meals in cuts drive

    The government’s universal infant free school meals programme is one of a number being considered for the axe in this year’s spending review, Schools Week has learned. Universal infant free school meals prioritise support based on age rather than need Multiple sources familiar with the process said the policy, which costs the government more than

    5.00 Feb. 28th, 2020 | News

  • Are police officers in schools a force for good?

    Hundreds of police officers are now based in schools but we don’t know enough about the work they do, or the impact their presence has on pupils, insists Dr Amanda Henshall The presence of officers in schools is part of a massive package of surveillance measures, including more CCTV in schools, that make children and

    5.00 May. 26th, 2018 | Opinion

  • Give schools more money for free meals, say caterers

    The government is under pressure to increase the money it gives schools to pay for free meals for infant pupils. The Lead Association for Catering in Education (LACA), which represents school catering companies, has urged ministers to increase the amount of cash available to feed children. At present, primary schools get £2.30 per meal for

    5.00 Apr. 21st, 2018 | News