• Budget 2020: What do schools need to know?

    The chancellor Rishi Sunak has delivered his budget address in Parliament. Here are the announcements relevant to schools.   1. Freelance workers affected by coronavirus can claim benefits more easily Supply teachers and other freelancers in the education sector will be able to access benefits more easily if they cannot work due to coronavirus. Sunak,

    14.09 Mar. 11th, 2020 | News, Politics

  • "Little extras": A failure of presentation, not policy

    Philip Hammond could have scored a win today by announcing new capital funding for schools – but he packaged it up all wrong, laments Jonathan Simons There was the abolition of the 10p tax rate in 2007. There was the 75p pension increase in 1999. And there was the omnishambles budget in 2012, with pasty

    21.20 Oct. 29th, 2018 | Opinion

  • Governors are the unsung heroes of the school system

    Unpaid volunteers, school governors are now often giving up as many 20 full days a year to make sure children get the best chances, writes Emma Knights Governors do not volunteer for plaudits or public acclaim. For them, their reward is helping ensure that children in their community get a good education. However it is

    16.02 Jun. 7th, 2018 | Opinion

  • Nine in 10 heads are headed for an 'unmanageable' budget deficit

    More than 90 per cent of headteachers expect their schools to rack up an unmanageable budget deficit in the near future, a poll has revealed. Twenty-one per cent of the 589 heads who responded to a survey by the school leaders’ union NAHT said their school was already in deficit this year, an increase of

    22.02 Mar. 21st, 2018 | News