Sixth-formers can read the Financial Times for free

The Financial Times is now offering free digital subscriptions combined with a content curation service for sixth-formers and their teachers.

The offer is open to 16- to 19-year-olds, and aims to help students understand how their subjects apply to the world beyond the classroom, and even prepare them for further study and employment.

A weekly email bulletin will highlight key articles picked out by both the FT and a panel of teachers, with their relevance to the curriculum explained.

To access the resource, a representative must fill out an online form on behalf of their school. Once the school is set up for access, students will be able to log in anonymously over the school’s IP network or remotely via their personal login, which require the school’s email domain.

Schools will have access for at least a year and can continue their subscription as long as the programme lasts, and the paper will notify schools if the free offer ends.

Standard individual FT subscriptions cost £5.35 per week, equivalent to £278.20 per year.

Caspar de Bono, the FT’s B2B managing director, said: “Universities and employers are looking for candidates that are confident about their subject, and can demonstrate a wider interest than the minimum required by the curriculum.

“A pilot initiative [with secondary schools] has shown that FT journalism can play a valuable part in building this deeper interest.”

Teachers can access the resource here.

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