Sixth-former quizzes insurance boss on how to boost employability

A sixth-former has quizzed the chairman of Lloyd’s of London on how students can boost their employability at the annual City of London Corporation education board dinner.

A student at the City of London Academy, Shenice Osisioma, was selected to sit on a panel with Bruce Carnegie-Brown for a discussion on employability so delegates could hear the perspective of a student and a business head.

In front of an audience of business leaders and pupils from across six London schools, she raised concerns that young people need more clarity from schools and firms on which skills are valued in the workplace, and more guidance on how to secure top jobs.

During the debate, Carnegie-Brown suggested students should get meaningful work experience, be aware of how they come across on their social media profiles and develop a good work ethic to maximise their employability.

“Schools and businesses need to have strong relationships so young people can enjoy the best opportunities for their future,” said Henry Colthurst, chairman of the education board. “This debate underlines the reason why schools and business need to understand each other better, and that if they can bridge that gap, then young people can benefit.”

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