Seven ducklings hatch in school-wide lesson on life-cycles

Seven ducklings have successfully hatched at Oasis Academy Byron in a school-wide lesson on life-cycles.

The school obtained the eggs and equipment needed to hatch them from an egg supplier in time for its annual science week, giving pupils the chance to experience the hatching process first-hand.

The eggs have been on display in the school’s reception area in an incubator, so visitors, staff, parents and pupils could witness the miracle of life unfold.

“It makes them understand the life-cycle so much better when they’ve seen them in the egg and when they come out,” said Jill Turner, the school’s science leader. “You can show them pictures, but it’s not nearly as engaging as having the real, soft, cute, furry objects.”

Now the ducklings have hatched, pupils and staff are being encouraged to handle them as often as possible, to ready them for life outside the school gates.

“The egg supplier has a list of people who want the ducks, so they want us to handle them as much as possible, so they’re really people-friendly,” Turner added.

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