A trio of food organisations has been commissioned by the Department for Education to help junior and secondary schools increase the number of pupils opting for school meals.

Only 43 per cent of junior and secondary pupils take school meals, leading to a £140 million loss across the schools sector. If it increased to 50 per cent, it is estimated the sector would become financially sustainable.

The Food for Life Partnership, the Children’s Food Trust, and the Design and Technology Association will therefore provide free training, support and materials to encourage “whole school approaches” to increase school meal take-up.

From September 2015, Ofsted will also look at schools’ approaches to promoting healthy eating as part of the Common Inspection Framework.

Myles Bremner, director of School Food Plan, an independent organisation that supports food standards in schools, is encouraging schools to take advantage of the scheme.

“Good school food in junior and secondary schools really matters. It drives pupil health and wellbeing and supports improvements in attainment and behaviour.”

Schools whose meal take-up is less than the national average are particularly encouraged to seek support.

To sign up your school visit here.


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