Nicky Morgan: New careers company won’t force mentors on schools

Schools will not have business mentors forced upon them by the government’s new careers company, Nicky Morgan has confirmed.

The education secretary spoke to Schools Week following her speech to the Department for Education’s character symposium at Floreat Wandsworth this morning, and acknowledged schools would have to be involved in shaping the scheme in order for it to work.

It follows an announcement by the prime minister earlier this month that a large chunk of £70 million funding for careers education would be spent on the continuing work of the Careers and Enterprise Company.

“The careers company is working with schools up and down the country anyway, and we also think it’s critical that schools are involved in identifying the pupils who are most going to benefit from this,” Ms Morgan told Schools Week.

“The scheme has got to work, so there’s no point having something that schools or pupils feel is done to them and doesn’t get the right people in. So at the end of the day yes of course we want schools to be involved.”

Ms Morgan said schools would not be forced to take part, but that evidence of the scheme’s success would be shared with those which “need a bit of convincing”.

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