New specialist NPQ to focus on pupil wellbeing

A new specialist qualification for “often overlooked” experienced teachers will focus on behaviour management and pupil wellbeing, Gavin Williamson said today.

Speaking at the ASCL conference today, the education secretary announced details of two new national professional qualifications.

One will help “train and develop teachers who are subject leads or responsible for improving teaching practice in a subject or phase”.

While the second will be for “those whose role includes ensuring schools are calm and orderly places, by focusing on behaviour management and pupil wellbeing”.

The government announced in February last year that five new NPQs would be established as part of the new recruitment and retention strategy.

However specific details were not provided at the time other than that they will be linked to the “core areas” teachers receive training at the start of their career, such as assessment, behaviour management, curriculum expertise and pedagogy.

One of those includes a “teacher developer” NPQ to support roll-out of the new early career framework.

Williamson said that transforming the support and development for teachers and leaders is a “career-long enterprise”, but added he’s “aware” of experienced teachers who want to stay in the classroom – rather than move into headship – are “often overlooked”.

As well as the two further qualifications, he said former ASCL boss Malcolm Trobe has also been recruited onto the expert panel which is reviewing the full suite of leadership NPQs.

Williamson added: “We want teachers and leaders to know that if they want the best professional development opportunities, they can find them in Oldham, Knowsley and Teeside, not just in London.

“These measures will create a golden thread running from Initial Teacher Training through to school leadership, rooting teacher and leader development in the best available evidence.”

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