New research service calls on teachers’ advice

Education news distribution outlet “On Tap News” is calling on teachers’ advice to find out what they would like to see incorporated into their new research service.

The team, who you can follow on twitter as @schoolsontap, will start disseminating evidence-based research at the beginning of 2016.

They are asking teachers to complete a questionnaire about what they would like to see included.

Specialist research analysts have been appointed to review past research reports including books that have had an impact on education thinking and practice, current research from established academic researchers and institutions, research generated by thinktanks, and research generated by teachers in schools and groups of schools.

The service will also provide information on forthcoming events and conferences that help support teachers’ continuous professional development (CPD).

Louise Holmes, chief executive @schoolsontap, said: “The education agenda calls for research-informed practice and useful and relevant CPD for teachers. While research is available, teachers currently have to go in search of it.

“The plan is to launch with 100 pieces of research searchable on the platform and add to it each week.”

Teachers will be able to highlight research they have found useful to classroom practice so the “service can become a repository of the best evidence-based research, ranked by teachers themselves”.

A “soft launch” is planned for next term, where 25 schools are being sought to trial the new service in return for a free 12-month subscription.

Visit www.ontapnews.com for more details and to access the questionnaire.

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