KS1 teacher assessments 2018: Reading down, maths up and science stable

A lower proportion of pupils met the government’s “expected standard” in key stage 1 reading teacher assessments this year, while results for maths improved slightly.

In 2018, 75 per cent of pupils were said to be working at the expected standard in reading, compared to 76 per cent in 2017. But the proportion of pupils working “at greater depth” rose over the same period, from 25 per cent to 26 per cent.

In maths, 76 per cent of pupils achieved the expected standard this year, while 22 per cent were working at greater depth. In both instances, there was an increase of 1 percentage point on 2017.

Science results remained stable, with 83 per cent working at the expected standard again this year.

The proportion of pupils achieving the expected standard in writing at key stage 1 was 70 per cent this year, but officials say this can’t be compared to last year, when 65 per cent met the standard, because of changes to writing teacher assessments.

More to follow.

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  1. If success in phonics screening test equated to reading success then you’d expect the proportion of pupils reaching the expected standard in phonics and reading at the end of KS1 to be the same. But the former is higher than the second.
    Decoding words is not the same as reading. It’s time, perhaps, for the phonics screening test to be scrapped.