Joining live lessons won’t be ‘the norm’, says Ofsted


Ofsted has reassured schools that inspectors will not be joining pupils’ live lessons as “the norm” during its remote monitoring inspections this term.

New guidance last week said inspectors could join online lessons to “understand how education is being provided by the school”.

The announcement prompted concern from teachers who feared that the practice would heap pressure on staff delivering remote learning.

However, an Ofsted spokesperson clarified that “when inspectors need to observe remote education in action, they will generally view pre-recorded material”.

They added that sometimes inspectors might view live lessons “because the school has requested them to, but this won’t be the norm”.

Ofsted began its remote inspections this week after changing its plans to conduct inspections in person.

Elsewhere, the guidance said inspectors might also have discussions, either remotely or in person, with staff and pupils about their work and experiences.

But when inspectors needed to speak to pupils, “it will be those who are onsite, in school … and inspectors will not be speaking to pupils in their home as part of normal inspection activity”.

Ofsted said the focus of the monitoring inspection was to assure parents and support school improvement.

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  1. Michael Walker pp

    Unbelievable! As if the job isn’t hard enough in normal times! Has Ofsted any idea?! The government and Williamson are out of their depth. Not a clue! One day’s notice then shut…again! Have they any idea how much preparation goes into being ready!? Then Ofsted?? Get real and let the teachers & TAs get on with the job without inexperienced know-it-alls sticking their amateur oars in!
    Yours Michael R Walker

  2. Diane Jones

    Exams should be cancelled for all kids next year also. My (current) yr 10 son has missed 6 months school in yr9 (at 1st lockdown) and has only attended 6 weeks in yr 10 between sept and dec 2021. The school had lots of covid cases and his isolation from school was sporadic and hes been unable to get going at all in this yr 10. Hes been unsupported and marked for un authorised absence. Hes doing just OK in remote learning but teachers in some subjects have been limited to what they can teach (Shakespeare is a no no) my son is unstimulated losing interest quickly. Science lessons go too quickly and with too much packed into 1 lesson then tons of homework which can’t do as his lessons are overwhelming. Please help these kids are not absorbing inf as they struggle to follow. Teachers have to think outside box here these classes are without interaction or participation the kids ‘join’ butane they really there?
    Biggest request i have of all above is to relieve these kids of exam pressures next yr. These kids need hope and you will find that online learning will improve. The teachers are also finding ev de motivating.