Plucky Arthur Terry school pupils have reaped the rewards of a gruelling physical challenge to raise funds for a trip to help children in South Africa.

During a “reaper run” at a local paintballing park in Coventry, the secondary students battled against obstacles, lots of mud, and even the Grim Reaper himself, who jumped out of bushes and kept the students on their toes.

They tackled more than 40 obstacles along the 10km run, from sliding into lakes to climbing over walls.

Kezia Swanwick, a year 12 student, says: “There were so many obstacles to complete, like running and catching on to a wall, or sliding in to a lake. It was so muddy – I was covered from head to toe.

“If you didn’t keep running, you’d have frozen. It took me two and a half hours to finish, but I was the first. It took some people nearly four hours.”

The funds raised will sponsor 42 students at the school to travel to South Africa for two weeks in July where they will help out at local primary schools.

Pic: Arthur Terry School pupils at the “reaper run” challenge


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