Here are the trends in physics GCSE grades for 2019.

The data shows a rise in the top grades at GCSE physics this year, with more results being awarded at grades 8 (15.2 per cent) and 9 (12.5 per cent). However, the proportion of every other pass grade has fallen this year – including drops of five percentage points at grade 5 (from 17.3 per cent to 16.8 per cent) and four percentage points at grade 4 (from 12.1 per cent to 11.7 per cent).

Entries in the subject have risen, from 155,994 last year to 157,819 this year.

The data for the results is based only on 16-year-olds in England. The entries data is England all ages.

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GCSE Physics results comparison 2019

GCSE Physics entries 2019

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