The “purpose and quality of education” will be examined by MPs in the new year, it has been announced.

The House of Commons education committee will lead an inquiry into the “purpose” of education for all children in England and appropriate measures of its quality.

The inquiry aims to discover:

– The purpose of education for children of all ages

– The measures which should be used to evaluate the quality of education against that purpose

– How well the current system performs against those measures

Committee chair Neil Carmichael, the Conservative MP for Stroud, said it was “important” to reach an “agreed sense of what education is” so the right questions can be asked about “how we evaluate the quality of our education and how well it is performing against those measures”.

He said: “As a society we all have a stake in whether our education system delivers for all children and we’re really keen to hear from parents and students, as well as from those who work in the education world or employ young people after they leave school.”

Written evidence can be submitted to the committee here by January 25, and a social media conversation will take place using the hashtag #EduPurpose.