Disabled dachsund stars in assembly on resilience and accepting others

A disabled dachshund that gets around using a pink custom-made wheelchair was the star of Brookvale Primary School’s assembly on resilience and accepting others this week.

Poppy, a six-year-old miniature dachshund, lost the use of her legs and became incontinent after she was diagnosed with a spinal condition a year ago.

Now, Poppy – who used to be a therapy dog at care homes for the elderly – tours schools with her owner Sarah Griffiths as a way of promoting acceptance of disabilities and how struggles can be overcome.

“Today’s assembly was all about acceptance, about imagining that it is you who may be different or faced with a disability,” explained Griffiths, who is also a teacher at the Birmingham primary. “Using Poppy as a teaching aid is a great way of bringing the subject to life. The children can see how she has overcome adversity and they are engaged and animated.”

“Poppy has taught us that we can all be different. We don’t need to be the same,” added Inayah, a year 5 pupil.

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