Charity launches free Prevent resource at anti-extremism conference

Academies minister Lord Nash was one of the many political and education leaders at a recent conference in Birmingham to debate how extremism can be tackled.

Hosted by the educational charity SINCE 9/11, the event looked at ways to build a cohesive and tolerant society, and the important role that teachers can play.

The event coincided with the charity’s launch of a free Prevent classroom resource for secondary schools, which includes lesson plans and presentation slides, with a particular focus on the 9/11 attacks.

Lord Nash said: “Extremism is more likely to happen in a society that is divided. We need a revival of cultural confidence in Britain – we will only win a battle of ideas if we have bigger and stronger ideas.”

The SINCE 9/11 charity was set up to teach pupils about the events, causes and consequences of 9/11 in the hopes of preventing similar atrocities. You can access the resources at since911.com/resources-schools

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