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Carer Natasha gets top grades after car crash a day before exams

Despite being run over a day before her exams, Ark Helenswood Academy student Natasha Burrows, who is also a registered carer for her mum, has passed six GCSEs and three BTec courses.

After being hospitalised following a car accident, 16-year-old Natasha worried for her future career as she missed her first exam.

“The day before my exam, I was crossing the road on my way home and I got hit by a car. I was in the hospital for six hours and had to miss the exam,” she said.

“My teachers sent in supporting information to the exam board so they can determine my grade, but I still had five exams to get on with after that. I was on very strong painkillers after the accident because I had a bruised coccyx, but I tried my best.”

Despite these challenges, Natasha passed six GCSEs and three BTecs, including a double distinction in her BTec in children’s play, learning and development.

As well as being a full-time student, Natasha is a registered carer for her mother, who has fibromyalgia.

“My mum’s condition affects her whole body and it means that she can’t do a lot of normal, day-to-day tasks,” she said.

“When it was my exams, Helenswood supported me to make sure I could manage studying while being a carer. They offered extra revision sessions and materials to make sure that I never missed out, even if I had to leave early to help my mum.”

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