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  • The Unexpected Leader

    Serendipity: I had just come home from an afternoon talking to a group of NPQH trainees and had been struck by the diverse group of would-be headteachers in the room. One of the senior teachers had approached me and said, “I like what you said, but I could never be you!”. “Thank goodness for that,”

    16.00 Mar. 22nd, 2019 | Reviews

  • The real 'graduate schools' for teachers already exist

    Universities and their postgraduate courses for teachers tend to outlive the whims of ministers and secretaries of state, says Rachel Lofthouse – all the time adapting and modifying their provision. Last week Schools Week reported on the launch of Ambition Institute, a new charity formed from the merger between the Institute for Teaching (IfT) and

    12.00 Mar. 22nd, 2019 | Opinion

  • Getting schools ready for RSHE

    The Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed that they will be making only minor amends to the previously released draft regulations for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). This marks a further development in what has been hailed as a historic shake up to RSE as previous guidance has remained untouched for 19 years. Since 1999,

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  • Parkfield School and No Outsiders: We must learn from Trojan Horse history in Birmingham

    No Outsiders and in particular the teaching of LGBT issues must continue, if we want to protect the values that are enshrined in British law, says Colin Diamond Word spread quickly on social media last week that Parkfield Community School in Birmingham had suspended the teaching of No Outsiders lessons “until a resolution has been

    9.30 Mar. 20th, 2019 | Opinion

  • Ten things schools can do to address the climate crisis

    With a debate raging about whether pupils are taught enough about climate change at school, Fiona Carnie offers some simple suggestions of steps schools can take to address the issues for themselves “There is no Planet B” is a regular refrain heard on the now weekly school climate strikes across the globe. At the last

    16.30 Mar. 18th, 2019 | Opinion

  • Robin Conway's top blogs of the week 11 Mar 2019

    On the right track @GreeboRunner In this piece, Zoe Esner explores how the push for a knowledge-rich curriculum has developed her teaching. Esner shares a journey that will be familiar to many of us. First, there is the process of questioning how “unique” her discipline area (English, in this case) really is, and whether the

    5.00 Mar. 16th, 2019 | Reviews

  • What does good online teacher CPD look like?

    Online professional development can be as good as face-to-face, as long as careful consideration has been given to its design and implementation, says Hannah Tyreman The Early Career Framework sets out a clear expectation for new teachers to benefit from the kind of structured professional development experienced by those working in other professions, including medicine

    5.00 Mar. 18th, 2019 | Opinion

  • Powering Up Children: The Learning Power Approach to Primary Teaching

    I fully expected to hate this book. I knew it would be full of the kind of progressive ideas I had fallen for as a trainee teacher (plus I disliked the title and the cover art). I was especially irked by the authors’ disingenuous claim that their ideas tread a “middle way” between traditionalism and

    5.00 Mar. 16th, 2019 | Reviews

  • Knowledge is power – we must teach it to our children

    Giving pupils access to the best that has been thought and said will ensure every child has the same advantages as the educated elite, says Rachel de Souza Five years ago, in the midst of turning around some of our high schools, I took some of our principals on a trip. Using money from some

    5.00 Mar. 16th, 2019 | Opinion

  • 10% Braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education

    Written for all women in education, 10% Braver brings together a collective call to arms developed within the grassroots organisation, womenED. Its main message? Female leaders in education are underrepresented, something that needs to change. As each chapter unpicks a different aspect of the status quo, we hear from a range of influential voices within

    5.00 Mar. 9th, 2019 | Reviews

  • Oracy is more than a tool for teaching knowledge

    If we want a cohesive society, we must make sure that oracy’s power for bringing people together is not sidelined, says Kate Bowen-Viner When I was 18, I helped to facilitate debating sessions in a juvenile detention centre for boys. By listening, I learned about injustices and heartbreaks that they had suffered, as well as

    5.00 Mar. 9th, 2019 | Opinion