And the Queen’s Birthday Honours Sweepstake winner is….

No one!

Sadly, the hot-take edupolicy nerds asked to lay the initial bets from which we devised the honours list didn’t pick a single winner. (Yes, yes, punishment is forthcoming).

Still never fear we decided to pick two winners from among the sweepstake at random using an old-fashioned raffle method.

Hence, the winners of the Queen’s Birthday Sweepstake (even if just by accident) are…

Karen Wespieser


Robert Hooper

They win the Schools Week mug (see below modelled by Sam Gyimah) and also our adulation glory.

The rest of you have between now and New Year to get your thinking caps on for our selection list next time around.



Sam with his Schools Week mug
Sam with his Schools Week mug





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  1. Colin Richards

    Who’s out of touch with reality? Those who didn’t pick the winner of a gong? The Secretary of State who doesn’t know enough to make awards ? Or those who devised this unwarranted sweepstake?