Admission appeals 2014-15: The 7 key points

The Department for Education (DfE) has this morning put out figures on the number of admissions appeals for the last academic year (2014/15).

Below we go through the main figures from the statistics.


1. The number of appeals has risen compared to last year, across all levels. Other primary classes (years 3 and above) continue to be the highest.


Number of appeals

2. More appeals were upheld at secondary school level, with the proportion at primary level dropping slightly. However, the overall picture remains steady.


Appeals upheld

3. Overall, community and voluntary controlled schools were the hardest to appeal, with 19.8 per cent of appeals going in the parents’ favour.

Academies, which set their own admissions, were the next hardest at 25 per cent, however they were not far behind voluntary aided and foundation schools (27.9 per cent and 27.3 per cent respectively).



4. Successful appeals vary by location. But local authorities (LAs) in London are the toughest to appeal. At secondary level, there were nine LAs with fewer than 5 per cent of appeals upheld in the parents’ favour – all in London.

LA secondary appeals

5. There are 14 LAs where no appeals went in the parents’ favour for infant classes. Again, most are in London.


LA primary infant appeals

6. Primary appeals (for classes other than infant) offer much the same geographical picture, however, more appeals were upheld in the parents’ favour in general.


LA primary appeals

7. Newham is the toughest LA. It appears in all three tables!


* All tables excluded LAs with fewer than 10 appeals lodged

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