US politics presentation for Norwich pupils

Pupils at City Academy Norwich have given their thoughts on the some of the world’s biggest issues.

As part of a major listening exercise with British young people by the Embassy of the United States, US diplomat Tim Gerhardson visited the school last week to deliver a presentation and discussion with 23 year 11 students.


He asked the views of the students on issues such as their knowledge of America, their perceptions of US foreign and domestic policies, and how they see the historic “special relationship” between the UK and US.

The session also covered topics as diverse as the role of technology in the world today, gender equality, climate change and global security.

Shazney Radley, 15, said: “I learned a lot about US history. It also highlighted that women in today’s society aren’t as involved as they should be and that there is actually things that we can do about it.”

The students also quizzed Mr Gerhardson on the current US presidential campaign and the rise to prominence of Donald Trump.

Pictures: American diplomat Tim Gerhardson talks to pupils at City Academy Norwich

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