Two people arrested over alleged leak of Edexcel maths paper


Two people have been arrested after an Edexcel A-level maths paper was allegedly leaked online, Pearson has said.

Police were called to investigate after questions from the A-level maths 3 paper were allegedly posted on social media before the exam was sat on June 13.

Pearson, which owns Edexcel, said its strengthened security processes had enabled it, in conjunction with police, to “quickly identify those who we believe were involved in the breach and to take swift and immediate action”.

Sharon Hague, senior vice president for schools at Pearson Edexcel, said: “We are limited in what we can say as the investigation is ongoing, however, we are committed to being transparent and we will provide more information as soon as we can.”

It’s the third year in a row that questions from an Edexcel maths paper have been leaked online before the exam.

Hague added her “key priority is ensuring no students are disadvantaged in any way”.

“The UK exam system has strict controls in place including security requirements on exam boards, logistics companies, schools, colleges, and their personnel.

“However, it is also built on a foundation of trust, that those given responsibility for the security of papers, honour that trust. We are sorry that the actions of a small number of individuals have resulted in such a breach.”

Edexcel had to replace a further maths A-level paper last week after it emerged a packet containing copies of the exam had been opened at a school.

The breach was identified during Pearson’s own investigation into the school at the centre of the police probe. The school has not been named.

Another police investigation has been launched into an alleged leak of AQA’s GCSE religious studies exam paper, sat by pupils on May 20.

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