Taxi drivers can now take a course in transporting SEND pupils

Taxi drivers can now be trained in how to look after pupils with special educational needs and disabilities on their commutes to and from school.

This online programme will offer taxi drivers and pupil escorts a qualification that proves they are competent to work with pupils with a range of special needs.

Run by Spectrum Courses, the ‘Transporting a Child with Special Educational Needs’ course will cost £49, and covers everything from how to maintain a professional working relationship with a SEND child to the importance of maintaining routine.

“The idea for the course came from me witnessing first-hand the numerous instances of lack of understanding between taxi drivers and SEND pupils,” Jane Saggers, the founder of Spectrum Courses, explained.

“There are so many labels and diagnoses these days, and taxi drivers have a right to know what they need to know to keep both themselves and the children safe.”

Presently, drivers on school contracts are not legally required to undertake SEND training – only to have DBS checks.

“This course will give them a professional, nationally recognised qualification, with an award that can be verified by the school or local authority,” she added.

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