• Coronavirus: Concerns as school pupils seek supermarket jobs

    Pupils who believe they have already passed their GCSEs and A-levels and have been trying to get supermarket and “gig economy” jobs before the end of the school year, a prominent school leader has warned. Martyn Oliver, chief executive of the Outwood Grange Academies Trust, said participation in online learning among year 11s and year

    17.11 Apr. 7th, 2020 | News

  • Trust praised by ministers tops suspensions tables in Ofsted's areas of concern

    An academy trust praised by ministers tops the fixed-term exclusions tables in four authorities that concern Ofsted Exclusions divide education. The government’s Timpson Review is currently looking at the practice and earlier this year Ofsted wrote to schools in ten local authorities about their high fixed-term exclusion rates. Six of those ten have provided figures

    7.00 Dec. 7th, 2018 | News