• New free school applications process reveals workload push

    The government has been accused of “unsubtly crow-barring” its need to reduce teacher workload into the new wave of free school applications. In their initial bid applicants must now demonstrate “clear and specific plans” for managing workload, an extra requirement on top of proving the area has low educational standards and needs more school places,

    7.00 Feb. 9th, 2019 | News

  • Don't knock the prog-trad debate - at least we're having one!

    Most people helping to shape, fund or implement education policy in much of the world do so without expert advice. It wouldn’t be allowed in any other field, says Jonathan Simons As I entered the World Economic Forum last year it was there on the wall: 65 per cent of the jobs of the future,

    5.00 Jan. 27th, 2019 | Opinion