• Grammar school ordered to tweak admissions policy following second home row

    A heavily oversubscribed grammar school has been ordered to amend its admission arrangements after a parent complained that it discriminated against wealthy individuals with second homes. The objection was lodged after Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, in Buckinghamshire, rejected an application from a child who lived three miles from the school – well within its catchment

    17.32 Aug. 31st, 2018 | News

  • Grammar schools asked to prioritise poorest pupils

    The body representing most of the country’s grammar school headteachers will encourage its members to “prioritise” the poorest pupils in their admissions. The Grammar School Heads Association has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Department for Education aimed as part of a push to improve access to selective schools for poorer children. The government

    10.15 May. 11th, 2018 | News

  • Summer-born pupils disadvantaged by 'unfair' 11-plus test, adjudicator rules

    An Essex grammar school has been ordered to age-weight the results of its 11-plus entry exam after the admissions watchdog found that the test disadvantages summer-born children. In a ruling thought to be the first of its kind, the Office of the Schools Adjudicator said a lack of any age standardisation in the 11-plus test

    11.49 Apr. 3rd, 2018 | News

  • Researcher: A private tutoring tax 'would level grammar school playing field'

    A leading education researcher wants a new tax on private tutoring services, to help “level the playing field” for lower-income pupils trying to get into grammar schools. Such a tax would be particularly vital to counteract parents who use private tutors to “coach” children for the 11-plus entrance test, said Professor John Jerrim of the

    0.02 Mar. 22nd, 2018 | News

  • Progress 8 is biased towards grammar schools - here's the solution

    The school progress measures were a step in the right direction, but in their current form they can only partially correct for intake ability, writes Tom Perry As we have known for decades, and the data clearly shows, raw attainment scores such as schools’ GCSE results say more about schools’ intakes than their performance. The

    11.21 Jan. 26th, 2018 | Opinion

  • Beware the return of the grammar school zombies

    Is the grammar school policy about to get a second wind? Contributing editor Laura McInerney considers the possibility and how Labour should respond. Ugh. It appears the grammar school zombie may be alive after all. The appointment of grammar-loving Damian Hinds to the top job suggests there may be another attempt to resurrect selective schools

    17.00 Jan. 14th, 2018 | Opinion

  • Gloucestershire grammar schools accused of growing 'by the back door'

    Grammar schools in Gloucestershire are expanding “through the back door” by increasing their pupil admission numbers, a furious local comprehensive head has warned – but grammar heads are pointing to funding pressures and the need for more local secondary places. Malcolm Trobe, deputy general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said members

    16.00 Jan. 12th, 2018 | News

  • Confusion reigns over secretive 'selective schools team'

    Confusion reigns over whether there is a specific team for grammar schools at the Department for Education. Officials are claiming it’s been disbanded – but a group of school leaders seem to have met a similar team just a few weeks ago. The National Association of Secondary Moderns, which represents non-selective schools in areas with

    11.32 Jan. 12th, 2018 | News

  • Plans to widen access to grammar schools delayed by reshuffle

    Plans for a formal agreement between grammar schools and the government to widen access for disadvantaged pupils have been interrupted by the appointment of a new education secretary. Last year, the schools minister Nick Gibb said the Grammar School Heads Association would “codify” a commitment to improving admission rates for disadvantaged pupils in a “formal

    15.23 Jan. 9th, 2018 | News

  • 'Confusion' over grammar school expansion plans

    A London MP is “confused” after a grammar school denied multiple reports in the press that it had plans to expand into his constituency. Despite large-scale media coverage to the contrary last year, the head of the trust behind Wallington County Grammar School (WCGS) has now insisted that expansion was “never on the table” and

    5.00 Nov. 12th, 2017 | News

  • EXCLUSIVE: DfE last changed grammar school response in June -- but still refuses to publish

    The Department for Education is still refusing to publish the response to its consultation on grammar schools, even though submissions closed almost a year ago and the document has not changed since June, Schools Week can exclusively reveal. The ‘Schools that work for everyone’ consultation ran throughout autumn 2016 in preparation for the planned introduction

    5.00 Nov. 3rd, 2017 | News