• "Nicky Morgan & The Narrative of Success (If Few Policies)": Day Two Conservative Conference Round-Up

    Labelling new education secretary, Nicky Morgan, as ‘continuity Gove’, initially seemed a smart move by Labour. But her Conservative Party Conference speech distinctly shifted the rhetoric and left the audience in no doubt that she’s now running her own show. Gone was the labelling of lefty teachers and union leaders as “the blob”. In came

    23.51 Sep. 30th, 2014 | Opinion

  • Morgan's Priorities & No-Thunder Boles: Day One Round-Up of Conservative Conference

    The prevailing view among political commentators is that education isn’t a major issue for this election. If that’s true, the Conservative ministerial team aren’t letting it show. They have a battle narrative and are willing to use it. In an event jointly hosted by teaching unions NUT and ATL, junior edu-minister Sam Gyimah showed how

    23.52 Sep. 29th, 2014 | Opinion

  • Conservative Party Conference preview

    Each week during the political conference season we will be inviting a commentator to give their views on what education policies they wish to see announced. Will Bickford Smith gives his view ahead of Nick Morgan’s first conference speech as Education Secretary. There is no government department more greatly applauded, or reviled, than the Department for

    16.17 Sep. 26th, 2014 | Opinion

  • Hunt's Fight Back : Day 2 Roundup of Labour Conference

    Where yesterday’s conference speeches from shadow education secretary, Tristram Hunt felt like an imbalanced half of a football game; today felt like his comeback tour. In a speech and question session at the NASUWT union fringe Tristram Hunt came out fighting – defending Labour’s record on sponsored academies and outing problems with Ofsted. But let’s

    23.54 Sep. 22nd, 2014 | Opinion

  • Is it illegal to run a vegetarian school?

    The introduction of universal free school meals for infants this month means questions are being asked about their nutritional and monetary value. However solicitor, Jade Kent, asks a different thorny question about their content. It’s an unusual question, but one that needs to be posed in an education system which now opens the door to

    12.00 Sep. 22nd, 2014 | Opinion

  • Tristram Hunt & the Speech of No Big Dreams: Day 1 Roundup of Labour Conference

    Teachers returning to their classrooms after a mild September weekend would today be forgiven for believing two Tristram Hunts are roving Labour conference this year. The first attended Saturday’s “PolicyMeet” – a Labour Teachers and Education Foundation event, organised by John Blake – with different speakers from across the education sector giving their ideas about

    8.12 Sep. 22nd, 2014 | Opinion

  • Labour Party Conference preview

    Each week during the political conference season we will be inviting a commentator to give their views on what education policies they wish to see announced. The Labour Party is first up and Matt Hood gives his view ahead of Tristram Hunt’s first conference as Shadow Education Secretary. A wise Labour Party stalwart once told me

    9.56 Sep. 21st, 2014 | Opinion

  • Settle down — it's a non-announcement from Nicky Morgan

    Last week, as many teachers sweated through their first day back in the classroom, education secretary  Nicky Morgan dropped a bombshell. Or did she? The furore kicked off when the Guardian’s Patrick Wintour released an article beginning with the phrase:“Compulsory setting according to ability in England’s secondary schools is to be proposed by the education secretary, Nick Morgan, in

    6.04 Sep. 9th, 2014 | Opinion

  • No kittens will be harmed in the taking of this role

    Our very own Deputy Editor Laura McInerney kicks-off the opinion piece section with what led her into journalism and the role at Schools Week Growing up my mum only ever said I couldn’t do one job, and journalism was it. The fateful blow was dealt when I was seven, and had just shelled out £3.99 on a

    18.12 Sep. 3rd, 2014 | Opinion