Pupils in year 7 at The Spires College have turned rubbish and recycled items into musical instruments.

The Torquay youngsters all took part in a junk orchestra competition and made instruments from unwanted items including plastic bottles filled with rice and drums made from tin cans and plastic tubs.

Three prizewinners made guitars from wood, plastic, elastic bands, bike horns, bells and guitar strings.

Overall winner Deniz Duman said: “I used a broken guitar and tambourine and I took the bell off my sister’s bike. I enjoyed working with my dad who helped me to get the wood and nail it together.”

Alice Cooper, head of creative arts and technologies at the school, said: “They really used their imaginations and made fantastic instruments from unwanted items they found at home. It shows what you can create if you are resourceful.”

The project was inspired by Stomp the musical, and pupils went on to play their instruments in a class orchestra and individual bands.

Pic: The Spire College junk orchestra winners. From left: Ben Connon, Deniz Dunman and Hannah White

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