An education theatre company is touring a production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth that uses interactive digital resources to suit a range of subjects.

The company, Contender Charlie, uses pre-recorded scenes that blend multimedia technology and live performance to tell the story in a way that appeals to 9 to 13-year-olds.

The production includes an education pack and interactive online resource to be used in English, drama, social and emotional aspects
of learning and PSHE classes.

Show director Paul Warwick said: “We were looking at the big challenge, which is obviously Shakespeare’s language, and one of the things I’d seen be really successful in the workshops that Contender Charlie has been running in schools for years is the way that a narrator can make the story really clear to children.

“So we’ve put that character — in our play he’s the porter — right at the heart of the action.”

The Macbeth – Blood Will Have Blood show will tour from September 29 to October 23. Video clips from the show will be available as online learning resource.

Pic: The porter, who narrates the Contender Charlie version of Macbeth

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